Janet Dailey

“Aren’t you going to turn off the light?” she whispered.
“No.” The hoarseness of his answer betrayed the hot flames of passion that seared him. “I’m not going to let darkness hide your body from my eyes. I’ve waited too long to see it.”
The mattress dipped under his weight, rolling her against his length and into his arms. The preliminaries of lovemaking were abandoned as the need to possess her body became greater than the desire to enjoy it.
Brig struggled to control the raging fires that flamed through him. They burned hotter and hotter until he could barely withstand them. The blaze was fueled by her writhing and twisting hips grinding against his and the stifled animal sounds of wild pleasure coming from her throat. There was no holding back the explosion of desire when it came. The violence of it left him shaken and ready to enjoy the pleasures he had ignored in the heat of urgency.

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