International Civil Service Commission

1.A. Administrative specialists
1.B. Architects, engineers
1.C. Archivists, curators, information specialists and librarians
1.D. Artists
1.E. Economists

1.F. Education specialists
1.G. Jurists
1.H. Life scientists
1.I. Dental, nutrition, medical, nursing and veterinary specialists
1.J. Physical scientists
1.K. Sales and marketing specialists
1.L. Social scientists
1.M. Statisticians and mathematicians
1.N. Transportation specialists
1.O. Writers, translators, interpreters
1.P. Professional, managerial and technical specialists for which no job family exists
1.Q. Postal services specialists
1.R. Environmental specialists
1.S. Relief specialists
1.T. Electronic communications specialists
1.U. Cultural development specialists

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  1. shinichi Post author

    1.A. Administrative specialists
    1.A.01.  Financial management specialists
                      Accountants – general

                      Budget management specialists
                      Cost accountants

                      Financial analysts
    1.A.02.  Management and programme analysts
                      Management and organizational analysts
                      Methods and procedures specialists
                      Programme analysts
    1.A.03. Building services administrators
                      Food services administrators
                      Maintenance and housekeeping administrators
                      Security and safety administrators
    1.A.04.  Meetings services administrators
    1.A.05.  Computer information systems specialists
                      Management information systems specialists
                      Systems development specialists
                      Office automation specialists
                      Database administration specialists
                      Computer communications and network specialists
                      Computer system programming and performance specialists
                      Computing centre production specialists
    1.A.06.  Human resources management specialists
                      Benefits specialists
                      Human resources planning specialists
                      Job classification specialists
                      Personnel entitlements specialists
                      Recruitment specialists
                      Compensation administration specialists
                      Staff training and development specialists
                      Staff relations specialists
    1.A.07.  Printing services specialists
    1.A.08.  Public information specialists
                      Press officers
                      Printed media specialists
                      Radio media specialists
                      Visual media specialists
                      Fund raising specialists
    1.A.09.  Purchasing and contracting specialists
                      Procurement specialists
                      Contract administrators
    1.A.10.  Representation and protocol specialists
                      Protocol officers
                      Relations and liaison specialists
    1.A.11.  Technical cooperation administrators
    1.A.12.  Administrative officers
    1.A.21.  Auditors
    1.A.22.  Hospital administrators
    1.A.23.  Records and documents administration
                      Hospital and health records specialists

    1.B. Architects, engineers
    1.B.01.  Aeronautical engineers
    1.B.02.  Agricultural engineers
    1.B.03.  Architects and community planners
                      Community planners
                      Construction architects
                      Landscape architects
                      Naval architects
    1.B.04.  Ceramics engineers
    1.B.05.  Chemical engineers
    1.B.06.  Civil engineers
                      Airport engineers
                      Forest engineers
                      Hydraulic engineers
                      Railway engineers
                      Sanitary engineers
                      Soil mechanics engineers
                      Structural engineers
                      Transportation engineers
                      Land and water development engineers
    1.B.07. Electrical and electronics engineers
                  Electrical engineers
                      Electronics engineers
                      Telecommunications engineers
                      Factory layout engineers
                      Manufacturing engineers
                      Methods engineers
                      Production planners
                      Quality control engineers
                      Safety engineers
                      Time and motion study engineers
    1.B.09.  Marine engineers
    1.B.10.  Mechanical engineers
                      Heating, ventilation and refrigeration engineers
                      Plant engineers
                      Power-plant engineers
                      Product design engineers
    1.B.11.  Metallurgists and metallurgical engineers
    1.B.12.  Mining and petroleum engineers
                      Mining engineers
                      Mining safety engineers
                      Petroleum engineers
    1.B.13.  Nuclear engineers
    1.B.14.  Surveyors
    1.B.15.  Biomedical engineers
    1.B.16.  Forest industry engineers
                      Mechanical wood products engineers
                      Chemical wood products engineers
                      Non-wood products engineers
                      Wood energy engineers

    1.C. Archivists, curators, information specialists and librarians
    1.C.01.  Archivists
    1.C.02.  Curators
    1.C.03.  Library and information specialists
                      Collection development specialists
                      Cataloguing, indexing and abstracting specialists
                      Reference and information dissemination specialists
    1.C.06.  Industrial property information specialists
    1.C.07.  Information network specialists

    1.D. Artists
    1.D.01.  Creative artists
    1.D.02.  Performing artists

    1.E. Economists
1.E.01. Transport economists
                      Air transport economists
    1.E.02.  Agricultural economists
    1.E.03.  Development economists
    1.E.04.  Econometricians
    1.E.05.  General economists
    1.E.06.  Financial economists
    1.E.07.  Industrial economists
    1.E.08.  International trade economists
    1.E.09.  Labour economists
    1.E.10.  Price economists
    1.E.11.  Tax economists
    1.E.13.  Energy economists
    1.E.14.  Health economists
    1.E.15.  Marine economists
    1.E.16.  Mineral resource economists
    1.E.17.  Forest economists
    1.E.18.  Natural resources economists
    1.E.19.  Telecommunications economists

    1.F. Education specialists
    1.F.01.  Adult education specialists
    1.F.02.  Audio-visual specialists
    1.F.03.  Pre-primary education specialists
    1.F.04.  Primary education specialists
    1.F.05.  Secondary education specialists
    1.F.06.  Specialists in the education of the handicapped
    1.F.07.  Teachers
    1.F.08.  University and higher education specialists
    1.F.09.  V ocational training specialists
    1.F.11. Development training specialists
                      Fellowship administrators
    1.F.12. Health education specialists

    1.G. Jurists
    1.G.01.  General legal advisers
    1.G.02.  International law specialists
    1.G.04. National law specialists
                      Health legislation specialists
                      Forensic medicine law specialists

    1.H. Life scientists
1.H.01. Agricultural scientists
                      Animal scientists
                      Fish-farming and aquaculture specialists
    1.H.02. Biological scientists
                      Plant nematologists
                      Plant pathologists
    1.H.03. Psychologists
 Examinations specialists
    1.H.05.  Fishery specialists
    1.H.06.  Foresters
                      Forest resources development specialists
                      Forest protection specialists
                      Forest harvesting and transport specialists
                      Forest industries development specialists
                      Forest institutions specialists
                      Wood scientists
                      Wood technologists
                      Forestry management specialists
                      Forestry planners
                      Forestry extension specialists
                      Tree breeding experts/geneticists
                      Forest inventory specialists
                      Wildlife specialists
                      Agroforestry specialists
                      Forest resources conservation specialists
    1.H.07.  Soil specialists
                      Soil conservationists
                      Soil scientists
    1.H.08. Toxicologists
                      Food toxicologists
                      Occupational toxicologists
                      Experimental toxicologists
                      Clinical toxicologists

    1.I. Dental, nutrition, medical, nursing and veterinary specialists
    1.I.01. Dentists
1.I.02. Dieticians and nutritionists
    1.I.03. Medical specialists
                      General practitioners
                      Haematologists and blood transfusion specialists
                      Family health specialists
                      Non-communicable disease specialists
                      Mental health specialists
                      Public health specialists
                      Traditional medicine specialists
                      Emergency care specialists
                      Communicable disease specialists
                      Occupational health specialists
    1.I.04. Nursing specialists
                      Nurse educators
                      Nurse administrators
                      Midwifery specialists
                      Mental health nurses
                      Public health nurses
    1.I.05. Opticians and optometrists
    1.I.06. Pharmacists
    1.I.07.  Sanitarians (public health)
    1.I.08.  Veterinarians
                      Public health veterinarians
    1.I.09.  Rehabilitation specialists
                      Occupational therapists
                      Speech therapists
    1.I.10.  Health laboratory specialists

    1.J. Physical scientists
    1.J.01. Astronomers
    1.J.02.  Chemists
                      Analytical chemists
                      Inorganic chemists
                      Organic chemists
                      Physical chemists
                      Environmental chemists
                      Food chemists
                      Sanitary chemists
    1.J.03.  Geographers
    1.J.04.  Geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists and hydrogeologists
    1.J.05.  Meteorologists
    1.J.06.  Physicists
                      Electromagnetics physicists
                      Electronics physicists
                      Heat physicists
                      Light physicists
                      Mechanics physicists
                      Nuclear physicists
                      Sound physicists
    1.J.07.  Nuclear safeguards inspectors
    1.J.10. Aerospace technology specialists

    1.K. Sales and marketing specialists
    1.K.01. Market analysts
    1.K.02.  Product planners
    1.K.03.  Sales specialists

    1.L. Social scientists
    1.L.01. Anthropologists
    Human settlements specialists
    1.L.02.  Historians
    1.L.03.  Political scientists
                      Political scientists _ applications
    1.L.04.  Social welfare specialists
    1.L.05.  Sociologists
                      Human reproduction sociologists
    1.L.06.  Public administration specialists
                      Public health administration specialists
    1.L.07.  Social security specialists
    1.L.08.  Management development specialists
                      Small enterprise development specialists
                      Entrepreneurship development specialists

    1.M. Statisticians and mathematicians
    1.M.01.  Mathematicians and actuaries
                      Mathematicians – applied mathematics
                      Mathematicians – pure mathematics
    1.M.02.  Statisticians
                      Statisticians – theoretical statistics
                      Statisticians – applied statistics
    1.M.05.  Operations research analysts
    1.M.06.  Evaluation methodology analysts

    1.N. Transportation specialists
    1.N.01.  Aviation specialists
                      Air traffic management specialists
                      Flight operations specialists
                      Aviation services specialists
    1.N.02.  Traffic and travel services specialists
    1.N.03.  Maritime transportation specialists

    1.O. Writers, translators, interpreters
    1.O.01.  Authors and critics
    1.O.02.  Editors
    1.O.03.  Interpreters
    1.O.04.  Precis-writers
    1.O.05.  Terminologists
    1.O.06.  Translators and revisers
    1.O.07.  Writers

    1.P.  Professional, managerial and technical specialists for which no job family exists

    1.Q.  Postal services specialists

    1.R.  Environmental specialists
    1.R.01. Environmental scientists
                      Environmental scientists – land
                      Environmental scientists – air
                      Environmental scientists – marine

    1.S. Relief specialists

    1.S.01. Emergency relief specialists

    1.T.  Electronic communications specialists (see 1.B.07.c., 1A.05.e. and 1.E.19)

    1.U.  Cultural development specialist


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