David Holmes

f2395Of the myriad technological and cultural transformations taking place today, one has emerged to provide perhaps the most tangible opportunity for understanding the political and ethical dilemma of contemporary society. The arrival of virtual reality and virtual communities, both as metaphors for broader cultural processes and as the material contexts which are beginning to enframe the human body and human communication, has attracted considerable interest from social theorists, philosophers, and cultural and historical thinkers.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    Virtual Politics is a critical overview of the newùdigitalùbody politic, with new technologies framing the discussion of key themes in social theory. This book shows how these new technologies are altering the nature of identity and agency, the relation of self to other, and the structure of community and political representation. The principal theme of Virtual Politics is that electronically and digitally simulated environments offer an important metaphor for understanding social relations. This volume focuses on how virtual realities effectively extend space, time, and the body, showing how technologies such as the automobile and environments such as the movie theater and the shopping mall prefigure cyberspace. It also examines the loss of political identity and agency in cyberspace and identifies a disembodied consumer in anonymous control of a simulated reality.


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