Boris Johnson

bjLondonWe can all think of small cities that are lovely to live in – tranquil and green and blessed with efficient public transport.
And then we can think of big cities that are global economic powerhouses – teeming with the noise, energy and ambition of millions of people.
I want London to have the best of both worlds.
I want London to be the best big city on earth.
That means a place that brims with opportunity and talent and economic activity of all kinds, but also one where the pace of life can suddenly slow from one street to the next; where children can grow up in safety – where people can be seen walking or cycling with no purpose other than enjoyment.
That is why we have developed this transport strategy in tandem with the London Plan and the Economic Development Strategy, because taken together they help to outline my vision for the Capital.
What is our objective for transport? As I said when I launched ‘Way to Go!’, it is very simple: to help people get from a to b as quickly, safely and conveniently as possible. That’s not just because I want to make people happier in their daily commuting, it’s also because I want London to be the world’s number one location as a place to visit, do business and invest.

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