niger2012Dimitra is a participatory information and communication project which contributes to improving the visibility of rural populations, women in particular.
The goal of Dimitra is to highlight the role of women and men as producers, so that their respective interests are better taken into consideration and they can fully participate in the rural development of their communities and countries. The project builds the capacities of rural populations, women in particular, through the dissemination of information and the exchange of experiences.
Dimitra is part of the FAO-Belgium Knowledge Management and Gender Partnership Programme.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    FAO-Belgium Knowledge Management and Gender Partnership Programme


    The Knowledge Management and Gender Programme has the following goals:

    1. Disseminate knowledge

    2. Promote knowledge sharing

    3. Identify, promote, publicize and disseminate good practices in support of food security and the empowerment of rural populations

    4. Synergize the largest possible number of stakeholders in the development sector (i.e. representatives of networks, governments, civil society, producers organizations, other international, bilateral and multilateral organizations).

  2. shinichi Post author


    Can knowledge be disseminated?

    Information can be disseminated, but how can one disseminate knowledge?

    Is knowledge sharing power?

    Knowledge is power, but once it is shared it is no longer power, isn’t it?


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