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    Universum’s Ideal Employer Rankings

    The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2013


    Universum is the global leader in employer branding. The company was founded by Lars-Henrik Friis Molin in 1988 while he was still an MBA student. He began with a local student survey and an ambition to improve communication between students and the employers who want to recruit them.

    Today, that idea has transformed into an international corporation that surveys 600,000 students and professionals and provides Ideal Employer ™ research, full-service communication and strategic consulting services to more than 1,200 clients worldwide.

    Our mission is to be a global meeting place for talent and employers. We offer services and products that help employers attract, recruit and retain ideal talent while helping talent learn about ideal employers. To do so, we work hard to maintain our no.one position in the employer branding industry and continue to earn the loyalty of our clients. Universum’s purpose is to excel in researching talent needs.

    We follow the recommendations, guidelines and best practices from renowned institutions such as ESOMAR and BVM to deliver high-quality research. We are very proud that our CEO, Petter Nylander, is a member of ESOMAR. Conducting the world’s largest research study on talent career expectations, we strive to keep our position as the global leader in employer branding.

    Employer branding is the strategy companies use to achieve their desired appeal on current and future ideal talent.

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    Employer branding という言葉が気になって、Universum のサイトに行って、いろいろ眺めていた。





    ただの、人気ランキングだったのだ。それも、世の中のことをなにも知らない学生のあいだでの人気。だったら、なにも Universum の数字を見なくたって。文化放送キャリアパートナーズなどが出すもっと信頼の置ける数字がもうすでにたくさんあるし。。。



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