Alejandro Dias

donkeyFour men stand tied up in front of one of the two donkeys which residents had accused them of stealing, at a kiosk in the town of Otumba, in the state of Mexico. The local community had tied up and beat up the four men for the theft before handing them over to police officers after an eight-hour long negotiation.

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  1. shinichi Post author


    警察に突き出される前に、縛られ、殴られ、何時間にもわたって辱めを受ける。メキシコのメヒコ州 オトゥンバの人たちは、これがおかしいとは思わない。

    Mexico must build an effective police and justice system, as well as implement comprehensive social programs, if it is to escape the extraordinary violence triggered by the country’s destructive cartels in extortion, kidnapping and control of transnational crime.


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