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For 37 months in a row more than 46 million Americans received food stamps. The Department of Agriculture released figures that show from October 2011 until October 2014 the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) had over 46 million beneficiaries.
Almost more shocking than the number of dependents is the cost associated with food stamps. In October 2014, $5.9 billion was spent on food stamps for 22.8 million households. Over the course of those 37 months, $226.7 billion was spent.
October’s 22.8 million households account for 19.7 percent of American households. The 46.6 million participants compose 14.6 percent of the population. This is a growth of 1516.96 percent from 1969 when 2.8 million people benefited from food stamps.
The figures released on America’s food stamp use comes even as President Barack Obama highlights recent job growth: “Right now, there are more job openings than at any time since 2001.”
President Obama claims to have added 10 million jobs since entering office, but the number of those depending on food stamps has increased by almost twice that. Many of the jobs the president “added” are part-time and low paying.

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