Anjail Rogers

Belief, knowledge, mythology and religion all share a common ground. Knowledge is “justified true belief related to objectivity, truth, and rationality”, religion is a belief and both religion and mythology discuss perceptions that are significant to certain cultures in regards to the supernatural or sacred. Mythology is a factor of religion that correlates with belief and knowledge because one must have knowledge in order to sustain belief which is the center of religion. Prayers as well as the reading of scriptures from religious literature such as the bible are often used to help human beings cope with change, suffering, loss and death, however in different cultures those practices may be different but they all share the same goal.
Myths are “imaginative poetic stories, traditions, etc., concerning religious beliefs, gods, and supernatural and heroic human beings” that are still relevant in contemporary culture because they give perspectives on the way individuals should live their life mainly through beliefs and principles. Myths provide lessons that are often supported by similar experiences in life that shed light on the message the myth was conveying. When it comes to dealing with hardships in life I believe than many people turn to modem myths in religion for support because many religious entities have developed specific stories to help those in need.

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