United Nations

Candidates for the position of the next United Nations Secretary-General

Portrait of Srgjan Kerim of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia candidate Dr. Srgjan Kerim
Dr. Srgjan Kerim
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Portrait of the candidate of the Republic of Croatia Ms Vesna Pusic
Prof. Dr. sc. Vesna Pusić
Republic of Croatia
Portrait of SG candidate of Montenegro Igor Lukšić
Dr. Igor Lukšić
Dr. Danilo Türk [Slovenia]
Dr. Danilo Türk
Ms. Irina Bokova [Bulgaria]
Ms. Irina Bokova
Ms. Natalia Gherman [Moldova]
Ms. Natalia Gherman
Republic of Moldova
Mr. António Guterres [Portugal]
Mr. António Guterres
Ms. Helen Clark [New Zealand]
Ms. Helen Clark
New Zealand
Mr. Vuk Jeremić [Serbia]
Mr. Vuk Jeremić
Republic of Serbia

Ms. Susana Malcorra

Mr. Miroslav Lajčák
Slovak Republic
Ms. Christiana Figueres
Costa Rica

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