2 thoughts on “日月潭涵碧樓酒店 – The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake

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    日月潭涵碧樓酒店 – The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake


    If there is a name that can stir your emotions, it is The Lalu(Han Bi Lo in Chinese), even if each word in the name costs a hundred million dollars. In 1901, Mr. Ito built a small wooden cabin on the Lalu Peninsula for vacation use and called it “The Lalu”.


    Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s freshwater lake. In ancient times, the area surrounding Sun Moon Lake was known as “Shuishalian”, translated meaning “where water and sand meet”.


    The Lalu was designed by famous Australian architect Kerry Hill. Since he started his architectural firm in Singapore in 1979, Mr. Hill has won numerous design awards, such as the 2001 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.


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