Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST)

Interested in a particular country or subject? Go beyond the experiences of simply one diplomat with Country and Subject Readers.
These Readers consist of relevant excerpts from individual oral history interviews arranged in approximate chronological order. They are designed to give users an overview of U.S. relations with a country or policy on a specific subject, as seen by those who dealt with it from Washington or in the field. The Readers offer unique insights over decades, though they may not provide full chronological continuity.

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    ADST has the world’s largest collection of U.S. diplomatic oral history. We have over 2000 oral histories at – and it’s growing every day! But that’s not all we do.

    – Our web series of 700 “Moments in Diplomatic History” captures key historical events – and humorous aspects of diplomatic life.

    – The website attracts over 70,000 monthly visitors – everyone from journalists to practicing diplomats, distinguished academics and students from around the world.

    – Our 60+ podcasts are available through iTunes and Podbean.

    – ADST has facilitated the publication of over 100 books by members of the Foreign Service.

    – We are committed to educational outreach. ADST’s website has sample lesson plans for high schools and universities on a broad range of topics. We also work closely with local and national partners to strengthen the understanding of and support for diplomacy in the education system.

    – We support the work of the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, providing critical source material for those who are training today’s diplomats – and tomorrow’s.

    – Our oral histories cover almost eight decades, including histories of pioneering African-American, Hispanic, and Women diplomats.

    -Check out our page focusing on American diplomats of Hispanic descent HERE and our page about African-American diplomats HERE.


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