Joseph John Fernandez

In 1964 John Bell published a paper titled “On the Einstein Podolosky Rosen Paradox” , in which he examined the consequences of hidden variable theories, as they had become known. In essence, his work found that such a theory could not be constructed and still give predictions consistent with quantum mechanics. And quantum mechanics was doing very well under experimental scrutiny. In fact, he found out that hidden variable theories would even be in contradiction with special relativity. It can only be speculated what Einstein would have thought of this had he been alive at the time.
Since then, experiments have time and time again been in agreement with both the predictions of Bell’s work and those of quantum mechanics. Among those predictions is quantum entanglement, which has long since been validated as a true phenomenon and is the most important resource of the rising fields of quantum information and computing. In fact, entanglement is one of the reasons why quantum computers are expected to overpower classical computers in the future, threatening encryption and our digital lifestyles. If Einstein were with us, he would have no choice but to break his prejudice and accept entanglement for what it is: one of the weird aspects of the quantum world, supported by empirical proof.

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