Stop Bullying Me (Marie-Claire Rupio)

In this book, Delilah goes through the darkest, saddest, and happiest moments of her life. She tries to see the light at the end of the tunnel and still has faith. She goes through humiliations, hurtful words, and painful acceptance. She finds it hard to accept herself the way she is, because everybody seems to want her to be different, pulling her in every direction. She believes she will get through it, but she doesn?t know how long she can hold it together. She tries to be happy and independent, but it doesn?t always happen the way she wants. In the end, she hopes everything will come together in the right direction, and she prays that God knows what is coming. But can she manage her life after the breakdown? Will she ever be able to fully trust again? This book invites us to focus on our own paths and not on others?.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    Christian Atsu’s wife reveals the last time they had a conversation

    10 February 2023

    Marie-Claire Rupio Atsu, the wife of Black Stars winger Christian Atsu, has shared her last conversation with her husband before the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

    In an interview with BBC News, she revealed that she spoke with Christian on Saturday morning, but has not heard from him since.

    Despite the uncertain situation, Marie-Claire remains hopeful and is waiting for any positive news about her husband’s whereabouts. Since the earthquake, a search and rescue operation has been underway, but there has been no confirmed information about Atsu’s well-being.

    “The last time he spoke to us was on Saturday morning, it’s just surprising for his club to confirm he’s found and after 11 hours we hear something different, but I trust and still believe he’s alive,” Rupio said.

    Family, friends, teammates, and the entire nation of Ghana are praying for Christian’s safe return. The tragedy has touched the hearts of many, and everyone is hoping for the best outcome.

  2. shinichi Post author

    Christian Atsu Wife: Who Is Marie-Claire Rupio?

    Marie-Claire Rupio is the famed wife of Christian Atsu. Marie-Claire has since 2012 been married to a Ghanaian footballer. The celebrity wife is a German national and shares three children, two sons and a daughter, with Atsu.

  3. shinichi Post author

    Marie-Claire Rupio

    Marie-Claire Rupio is a well-known author, media face, celebrity partner, and social media star who hails from Hamburg, Germany. She got famous in her country as the wife of a well-known Ghanaian professional football player named Christian Atsu.


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