Mohamed Morsy

Egypt would like to stress that the international system will not get fixed as long as the application of double standards remains. We expect from others, as they expect from us, that they respect our cultural particularities and religious points of reference, and not seek to impose concepts that are unacceptable to us or politicize certain issues and use them as a pretext to intervene in the affairs of others.

4 thoughts on “Mohamed Morsy

  1. shinichi Post author

    Our brothers and sisters in Palestine must also taste the fruits of freedom and dignity. It is shameful that the free world accepts, regardless of the justifications provided, that a member of the international community continues to deny the rights of a nation …

  2. shinichi Post author

    The concepts of justice, truth and dignity encompass, in our view, the frameworks that govern international relations. A simple analysis of such relations will undoubtedly reveal the extent of injustice inflicted upon the African continent …

  3. shinichi Post author

    My speech leads me to talk about justice, freedom and dignity within the framework of the current international system. Egypt’s young men and women did not revolt only because of the internal situation, but they also expressed the aspirations they had at the regional and international levels. This youth representing the majority of the Egyptians believes that real legitimacy is the one derived from the people’s will, not the one imposed by an assertive authority that lacks any legal or moral basis. We look similarly to the current situation in the international financial system, and stress the need to work diligently to reform it, based on the same principles, to renew its legitimacy, and preserve its credibility. This is a legitimate quest for peoples and nations that express themselves, and seeks to participate in shaping a new world, and a better future for their children …


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