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In a just world, schoolkids would learn who the real discoverer of the structure of DNA was: Rosalind Franklin. But the world is rarely just.

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  1. shinichi says:

    James Watson is not only a bigot, but he is a fraud who stole his biggest moment from the woman who deserved it.

    by Eli Blake

    Deep Thought


    Likely we all know by now that Nobel Laureate James Watson, who was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in biology for his 1953 paper published jointly with Francis Crick on the structure of DNA, once again stuck his foot in his mouth by saying that blacks were genetically inferior and less intelligent.

    And this is hardly the first time that Watson has made such idiotic and prejudiced statements, among others suggesting that if there is a gene for homosexuality that women found to have a fetus with the gene should be ‘allowed to have an abortion’ (from which one can also infer that he feels that other women should not be allowed to have one) or suggesting that the idea of the ‘Latin lover’ is genetically based and that people of Hispanic descent have genetically based superior sexual prowess. In a British documentary, Watson suggested that there was a genetic basis for stupidity and it should be treated medically.

    Well, I have one question for James Watson: Is dishonestly of the most horrifyingly immense proportion a genetic disease, or did he learn it from someone else? The discovery of the helical structure of DNA is rightly regarded as one of the two or three biggest scientific achievements ever. Only Mr. Watson is wrongly credited with it. Let me introduce you to the real genius behind the research, and one who has been stripped of the recognition which she so richly deserves and cast into historical obscurity by the betrayal of one of her closest colleagues, which in turn was paired with James Watson’s basic dishonesty to change the face of scientific history, and perpetrate a great fraud:

    The photo you see here is of Rosalind Franklin. It was Franklin, a trained chemist, who while working for Dr. Maurice Wilkins at King’s College, took numerous x-ray photos of the DNA structure, and in particular one now known as ‘photo 51’, which clearly showed the structure and which she was quite close to figuring out on her own. According to an article written by Dr. Lynne Osman Elkin, a professor of biological sciences at California State University, Hayward,

    NOVA: How close did Franklin actually come to deciphering the structure of DNA?

    Elkin: She was very close. She had all the parameters of the helical backbone. She was the one who figured out that there were two forms of DNA, which made solving the whole structure possible. She had figured out that backbone of the A form is antiparallel. It wouldn’t have been very long before she figured out that the B form backbone was antiparallel as well.

    Only she couldn’t have guessed the evil designs that lurked within her very lab. Her trusted partner and mentor, Maurice Wilkins, secretly and without her knowledge took photo 51 and showed it to James Watson. Wilkins then described in detail to Watson over dinner how research at the college was progressing and what he and Franklin were thinking.

    Watson himself described the exact sequence of the betrayal, in his book, The Double Helix, where he writes,

    Walking down the passage…[Wilkins] revealed that…he had quietly been duplicating some of Rosy’s and Gosling’s [Rosalind’s assistant] X-ray work…Then the even more important cat was let out of the bag: Since the middle of the summer Rosy had had evidence for a new three-dimensional form of DNA…When I asked what the pattern was like, Maurice [Wilkins] went into an adjacent room to pick up a print of the new form they called the “B” structure. The instant I saw the picture my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race. The pattern was unbelievably simpler than those obtained previously…and Maurice told me he was now quite convinced she [Rosalind Franklin] was correct.

    Wilkins got his thirty pieces of silver, sharing in the recognition by the Nobel committee with Watson and Crick. Franklin, who actually deserves to be credited with discovering the structure of DNA more than any of the other three, had died by then, and in fact it is quite likely that the price for her research was indeed her life– she got ovarian cancer likely after exposure to the large number of x-rays her research entailed.

    James Watson for his part, has acted the part of a man who actually knows he is guilty, that everything he has is based upon stolen research. He has missed few opportunities since then to attack Franklin’s reputation and alternately described her using everything from ‘frumpy and uncommunicative’ to ‘very intelligent’ but off the track (which is utterly false– Aaron Klug discovered a March 17, 1953 draft by Franklin written concurrently with Watson and Crick’s paper which makes it clear that she was still able, despite the betrayal to figure it out at the same time as Watson and Crick– and let Watson’s own words quoted above about his meeting with Wilkins contradict his later denials.)

    I first learned about Rosalind Franklin from a college biology instructor who had actually met James Watson. My biology instructor called him, ‘a lech,’ apparently having reason to believe that he was too horny for his own good. But having delved deeper into this, my own belief is that not only should James Watson refrain from making any more of the bigotted statements that he seems to be so famous for, but he should count his blessings that few have publically pointed at him as being a first magnitude fraud and thief.

    In a just world, schoolkids would learn who the real discoverer of the structure of DNA was: Rosalind Franklin. But the world is rarely just.

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