Beth Hart

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  1. shinichi says:

    Am I The One

    Live At Paradiso

    by Beth Hart

  2. shinichi says:

    I sing these words, time and time again
    To express my life, of being your lover and your friend
    And as the clouds
    Cry, cry, cry, cry, high above, shed their tears
    I’ll embrace you, with love, from all your fear

    (Chorus: Varies each time)
    Am I the one, am I the one that you love?
    Am I the one, heeyy
    Am I the one that you think of
    Am, am I, am I the one?

    Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
    A passion in your caress, flows from your fingertips
    And I pray for the day
    That I hear those precious words pass through your lips
    Wishin’ upon the star from up above…
    That soon you’ll love at me baby
    And say I’m the one that you love.

    Am I the one? Yeah
    Am I the one that you love?
    Am I the one? Hey, hey
    Am I the one that you think of?

    Don’t you make me feel crazy if I break down and cry
    Just tell me that you love me, baby
    Even if it is a lie.

    Am, am I?
    Am, am I?
    Am, am I?
    Am I the one?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Caught Out In The Rain
    Live At The Royal Albert Hall
    Beth Hart

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