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CNN personnel was able to corner the United Nations Security Council and coerce them into giving our press staff statements concerning how they believe the conferences were going for them.
Russia: I’ve slightly managed to engineer the resolutions to follow Russian policy.
Austria: The conference is going very well for Austria as counties are willing to compromise and find a middle ground.
Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso feels glad to see negotiations between nations and continues to participate enthusiastically despite situations at home.
Turkey: Turkey has made a lot of compromise in order to satisfy both sides.
Vietnam: Vietnam is getting exactly what they want.
Indonesia: Indonesia feels that a lot of compromise is needed.
Japan: Japan commends the efforts of the Security Council and is sure the council will come to fruitful and feasible resolutions.
Libya: Libya is happy at how the conference is going.
U.S.A.: The U.S.A found the conferences to be very fruitful and is hoping for a solution to the issue of the wall in Israel,
China: China is very pleased with the course of the debate but has a disagreement with Japan.
Uganda: Uganda is pleased that the focus of the Security Council has been acceptable to Uganda.

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