Cindy Folkers

To help ensure that the IAEA’s objective of promoting atomic energy does not interfere with the valuable work of WHO on Chernobyl and other radiation and health studies; and to bring this agreement in line with our current knowledge of radiation and health damage, we ask that WHA 12.40 be amended as follows:

  1. Remove the requirement that any WHO program on the health effects of nuclear energy must first be discussed with and agreed to by the IAEA.
  2. The provision safeguarding confidential information (article 3, para. 1) be amended to allow for nondisclosure of only such information which has no bearing on health or environmental risks of nuclear energy.

It is not the mandate of the IAEA to assume primacy over studies which research the health and environmental effects of ionizing radiation released from routine operation or accident. It is scientifically irresponsible and in no one’s best interest to limit, by assumption, the kinds of diseases which may be caused by lower-dose, long-term ionizing radiation. And because the IAEA has such a blatant objective to promote atomic energy, they should under no circumstances be allowed to assess its health and environmental effects. This is wholly outside their jurisdiction and creates mistrust among the world’s people.

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