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Virtualidade real ou Realidade virtual – qual você prefere?

Virtual reality or real virtuality – which do you prefer?

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  1. shinichi Post author

    “The virtual world provided by the Internet is successful because it is a playful world. It is a world consistent with the way of life of young people, does not require engagement or commitment. There one can live a series of successive lives without any definite commitment. People want to distance itself from reality because it is not scary or not-free, but because it always involves a limit. Furthermore, the reality requires an identity, a more or less clear goal in life while those exercises not virtual assume any identity, no vision, and even tips all limits, including those of decency and civility.”

    Is with these words that the psychoanalyst Charles Melman set the value and meaning of virtual relations, when asked by the magazine Veja.

    I confess that since often the web, thought about the value and scope of relationships that are born here. And the conclusion of the meeting came Melman of my experience in virtuality.

    Some people still think that the decisive thing is the virtual world of nerds and individuals shy or anti-social, usually for teenagers and young people. This is not exact. A virtual who brought us the Internet or web (to distinguish the terms leave the specialists) is much more complex and varied than we suspect.

    The interesting and accurate in the words of Melman is exactly, without pointing out stereotypes, cover the behavior of all who access the virtual world. Bid decisive, in fact, is not compromise.

    Everyone can interact through the screen of a computer with any type of goal: finding friends, romance a “second life”, flirting, find a job or simply to pass the time. But everything ends when the pc off and return to reality. Solution to many problems and perhaps to others who waited more than a chat, and get involved beyond the mind, suddenly realize they were used and had his time and his attention is stolen … and complain, can hear: “Well but this is internet, not real. My life is out here! ”

    So simple, huh?

    Saying that here is a world of lies where no one respects, people are poor and that the internet is a storehouse of psychopaths and wrong, it does not do justice to the truth. People here lie in the same way that would make the world of flesh and bone.

    The aggravating features are here. You can lie with multiple personal profiles. If the conversation in the chat or msn do not like, invention of a last minute excuse juice or blocking my “friend / a” for an indefinite period. If my life here on the side of the screen required, the connection can “fall” properly and my contact never know … Anyway, as you would in fact traditional, but in more subtle.

    I would not mention the crimes that are known practice, through the web. These of course, were not born here, there were imported from outside.

    As to the benefits that brought us the global network with its agility in offering us his collection with all kinds of knowledge and production of human intelligence and creativity, it is worth highlighting. Has never been easier to know of things, acquiring any information and research a subject. The popularization of the Internet in fact democratize knowledge. The digital era is called the “age of access”.

    But beyond the positive experiences in the intellectual and educational, emotional relationships are the thing that makes virtual and calls attention.

    Recently, Contardo Calligaris, another psychoanalyst, said there is no difference between the virtual and the real world. Similar to that already mentioned above, for him, the fantasies in the virtual world, the half-truths, omissions and individual preferences are the same real world. In the virtual world, at least, they find that people are not freaks of nature. In his words:

    “This was a major civilizing effects of the network. Before that, a guy who had a fantasy feel such a monster that needed treatment as he had thought that only this. And moved. The internet, discovered that thousands of people living the same fantasy that he sees is not alone. (…) Yet no one seems entirely to anyone. Everyone has different faces for some time. Even if wives do not know all of their husbands (… ) In the network, people put faces to hide. It is the best place to show your talent. If you do not give into it, did not. (…) When you know someone in the physical world, is like a masquerade. You never know everything. Even physically, people do plastic surgery. ”

    Calligaris is on the other end of the matter. And his words are true. After all, nobody on the internet or demonises worsening in character. Only, expressed with more freedom and their manias or qualities.

    If we assume that there are success stories of love and friendships here, we are frivolous or at least need to know more the scope of the network. I live and know that great friendships that are formed through the web, and are fruitful of truth. There are meetings of members of gay communities, people who find so much alike that believe not. And all through the internet.

    But I suspect that without the warm touch of the skin or look in the light of the other, seen and appreciated in the real presence, no relationship is complete. This, the virtual world can not replace. So much that people find and understand it here, just want to see personally to complete what was missing in webcam, the physical contact.

    If it is true that we can expand our lives in several respects via the Internet, should also be included there many disappointments affective if the truth involves someone who may not be acting and interacting with reality. There are many reports …

    A brunette (or blonde, or redhead …) the album can be pretty real and not a photoshop editing, however, may not be who you with her key. The cat that you found that morning in the chat channel, and may be “different”, not only in appearance, in real life.

    If your “friends list” is huge, try to have someone in her difficult moments, and you may discover that those emotions that filled the talks, signaling longing and affection, not to package passed firulas of the crop when their “friends” simply had something better to do.

    The suspicion here in the accompanying each step. For a girl who presented to me as a journalist, I gave my nickname instead of real name. I just had assured her profession when I saw – with my actual words! – The interview published on the site for which she wrote.

    I saw on television testimony of a lady of over sixty years, saying it had multiple profiles in orkut that the description of age varied according to the “virtual boyfriend”. The age, appearance and social level does not determine anything here, where everyone can be whatever you want, a great fantasy play Uncompromising and unlimited. Yeah, you think you won a Ninfeta, but may even be talking to a grandma …

    Calligaris reminds us that in the virtual or in reality, dealing with human beings good and bad, true and liars, crazies or purity. Highlights the lack Melman, degree of irresponsibility and playful relations. The two speeches are complementary, limiting us to the rules of the game are essentially the same as used in human relations, but are completed in a new field now.

    When in doubt, do not add too much expectations. And while browsing, do not drop your lifeboat: a caution.


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