>FALSE is one of the early purveyors of independent fashion anarchism. The brand has been functioning as an evolving propaganda to Le Messie’s visions on societies illusions. His mixed media artworks constantly work on re-emerging themes of breaking down social bourgeois structural views laid on by the so called “mass elite”. Often harboring dark under-line meanings, his strong influence to mystical aesthetics often draw about a deep question into the relation of his art and it’s viewer, often functioning in it’s own individual life-like form. All garments are individually hand-screened and hand-finished by FALSE. FALSE is parent brand to Better Off Dead, Fallacy Of Rome, FALSE Sounds& Anti-Anti.

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    >Here at FALSE we’re strong advocates of the D.I.Y brand mindset. We are very proud to be able to say that we produce 90% of our goods vertically in-house. We personally go through each products craftsmanship from inception to culmination. Honoring the roles of postmodern craftsman we take into a sort of spiritual context the level of quality over quantity, integrity and substance with us as individuals and as a brand on a whole. We base a lot of our methods on classic techniques from silkscreening styles used for our printing to individual construction methods bridging modern styled garments and goods with a traditional craftsman’s touch. FALSE goods and crafts are more a passion induced art piece than fashion item, FALSE hand-crafted goods exude a substance and message like none other. You must own a piece to definitively feel and know the difference. We are proud to be one of the only brands out there today that is still able to maintain a brand of this independent nature where trade is still being made directly between craftsman & client and where message, integrity and ethos hold reign over our entire output and existence.


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