>Jared Roy Endicott

Have you ever been to the future? Neither have I. No one has ever been to the future, because the future is not real. We are only ever in the present, now and always. The present cannot be escaped from. The present is the horizon of realization. The present perpetually realizes from the pattern of resonances and dissonances created by earlier incarnations of the continually unfolding current state of things. These previous presents form a testimonial that we call the past. The past is therefore, and nothing more than, the record of realization. The past is all of reality post-realization. If the present is the horizon of realization and the past is the record of realization, then the future lies over, or beyond, the horizon of realization. The future is pre-realization. Being in a context of pre-realization the future is not yet, and not currently, real. Furthermore, since realization is always happening only in the present, the future is never a realized thing. The future is thus not real.

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