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ChineseTourismChina, one of the most visited countries in the world, has seen sharply fewer tourists this year – with worsening air pollution partly to blame. (Louise Watt)
Now the total number of foreigners coming to China is less than 13 million in a whole year, this number is inclusive of arrivals for all purposes like business, vacation and study as well. After the U. S. and France, China is third favourite destination among the travelers from all over the world. (Brenda McGregor)
Crazy air pollution also keeps away business investors which is not favorable during a time of sluggish growth of economy and unease over regulatory crackdowns. And this might be a gauge of the decreasing entice of China’s economy. These events might also be an important reminder that this is the revenge of the environment, being stressed out and so exhausted with all the abuse it has been receiving from man. (Julie S)

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