Does a hole exist? What is a hole?
Does a hole in something actually exist, or is it merely an absence of matter?
Take for example – a hole in a piece of paper.

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  1. s.A

    no. zero is a man-made concept.
    but…if you get a hole in your car's radiator…then that's actually something.

    This question is more like on metaphysics than actual physics.

    Depends wholly on your definition. With regards to physics, then a hole in some matter is just absence of matter in a four-dimensional spacetime.

    If you are talking about black holes or singularities, for example, that's actually the absence of spacetime all together.

    (David Dodeca)
    This is more a metaphysics type question eh?
    a: to have real being whether material or spiritual
    b: to have being in a specified place or with respect to understood limitations or conditions

    I would rule that a hole is an observed ABSENCE of existence.

    "The paper has a hole" means the paper has an absence of cellulose at a specific location.

    In describing a hole, one is describing the state of something rather than the existence of something.

    It can even carry information, like the hole in a punched card. wow.


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