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  1. shinichi Post author

    Sunrise in Haifa, Israel

    by Hermin Abramovitch

    BBC Travel



    I took this photo on a southern beach in Haifa on an early morning in November. That’s the height of the rainy season here, and first thing in the morning it can almost look like the sun has painted the sky with warm, rich colours. The clouds seem to chase after each other with the high speed of characters you see in old silent movies. It’s as sublime as it is beautiful.

    When the tide is out, the sea leaves little pockets of water behind. And if there’s no wind, this water creates a natural mirror at your feet. This is what you see here: a large pool of water left behind by the sea. The scenery is overwhelming and it allows me to get a great shot.

    Every time I look at this picture, I have the same feeling: our comprehension capability as humans is actually quite limited sometimes. In order to understand what we are seeing up in the sky, we have to look down at its reflection. In a sense, the sky and the reflection of the sky together give us a truer picture of the scene.


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