Leonard Koren

Beauty at the edge of nothingness. Wabi-sabi emerges out of the infinite potentiality of nothingness. The distinctiveness of wabi-sabi comes from that which is so faint, tentative, delicate, and subtle that it may be overlooked—or mistaken as trivial or insignificant.
Elegant poverty. “Poverty” in this meaning refers to a mindset of non-attachment, i.e., not holding onto fixed ideas or material things. “Elegant” refers to graceful acceptance of restraint, inconvenience, and uncertainty.
Imperfection. Iconographically, wabi-sabi is often represented by the entropic processes of nature made visible. Entropy precipitates chaos and unpredictability, and this produces variety and interest, “Irregularity,” rather than “imperfection,” is probably a more resonance.

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