H.W. Wolff

Body parts used as metaphors

Hebrew Meaning Chinese English
leb intention heart, mind
nefesh throat, apetite, life soul
kilyot fear kidneys
rahom compassion, love 子宫 womb
etzem identity bone
jamin strength, south 右手 right hand
yad power, control hand
panay presence face
af anger nose
dam life (movement) blood
ruach power, wisdom spirit

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  1. shinichi Post author

    Body parts used as metaphors

    H.W. Wolff


    RSV Heart (mind) and soul

    PSA 73:21 (leb) heart and (kilyot) kidneys

    PSA 94:19 (kereb) interior and (nefesh) soul

    PSA 108:1 (leb) heart and (kabod) glory

    ISA 16:11 (mayeh) bowels and (kereb) interior

    LAM 1:20 (mayeh) bowels and (kereb) interior

    LAM 2:11 (mayeh) bowels and (kabod) glory

    When in Hebrew heart and kidneys are together, it is kidneys that is translated by “heart,” and heart (leb) rendered as soul. If “bowels” occurs with another term, bowels is translated as soul.

  2. shinichi Post author



    「心」には、heart、 mind、 intention、 center、 core というような意味があり、ヘブライ語の「leb(לֵב)」とまったく同じ。


    ギリシャ語の καρδια、ラテン語の cor、アラビア語の قلب 。。。



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