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In Tokyo, don’t go near Koban (Police…boxes?). The two times I went to one to ask directions I was held for about 60 mins before being let go. The first time because the bike I was riding was a stolen bike (it wasn’t), the second time because the passport I showed them on request was a fake (it wasn’t). I heard enough similar stories from friends to make approaching these guys a major no-no for me. Talking to them certainly isn’t a guaranteed night in prison, but it’s risk where there’s no need for risk.
Some of them are just bored, and some of them just plain old don’t like foreigners (given the types they deal with in Tokyo, you could argue that the latter is justified). At any rate, use Google maps for directions, and talk to your consulate if you need the help of the law.
On the other hand, make a point of visiting Police boxes if you end up in the country side. They’ll want you to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    what NOT to do in Japan? where NOT to go in Japan? (self.japan)

    by rico_bonsai


    A lot of people here are asking for suggestions where to go, what to do when they visit japan. Let’s change something. Could we compile things NOT advisable to do or NOT advisable to go here in japan?

    I will start first. I think that it is NOT advisable to visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. There’s nothing to see. It’s a tourist trap.


    DO NOT give the police an opportunity to detain you. EVER. Japanese detention centers are not kind to anyone, especially foreigners. If someone wants to pick a fistfight with you in Roppongi, just walk away.

  2. shinichi Post author


    by 外国人

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    「日本には KOBAN があるから、INFORMATION なんていらない」 という警察のお偉いさんもいるけれど、外国人というだけで犯罪者扱いする警官が多いということを知っているのだろうか。




    by マダムリリー



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