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    FALL 1431 | 2010



    3. From the war on terror to the war on al-Qaeda, isn’t Obama calling every Muslim who follows the principles of Islam – which includes establishing the Global Islamic Caliphate through jihad – a supporter of Al-Qaeda?

    4. Not a single shred of evidence has been produced to incriminate Imam Anwar al-Awlaki; so why has the U.S. Government put him on their hit list?

    6. If there were a nation today that deserves to be destroyed by a nuclear blast, which one would it be? Shouldn’t it be the one that has used nuclear weapons on innocent and helpless people?


    Inspire Since then, tens of individual operations have taken place here and there, in various spots in the Arab and Islāmic world, and are still taking place…

    Security success: Which means that these spontaneous operations performed by individuals and cells here and there over the whole world, without connection between them, have put the local and international intelligence apparatus in a state of confusion, as arresting the [members] of aborted cells does not influence the operational activities of others who are not connected to them. I have made use of this observation, to a large extent, when shaping the desired operational concept of the cells of the Global Islamic Resistance Call.

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    Inspire (magazine)



    Inspire is an English language online magazine reported to be published by the organization al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The magazine is one of the many ways AQAP uses the Internet to reach its audience. Numerous international and domestic extremists motivated by radical interpretations of Islam have been influenced by the magazine and, in some cases, reportedly used its bomb-making instructions in their attempts to carry out attacks. The magazine is an important brand-building tool, not just of AQAP, but of all al-Qaeda branches, franchises and affiliates.


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