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    Hierarchy of Trust: The 5 Experiential Levels of Commitment

    by Katie Sherwin


    Levels of Commitment Users’ Trust Needs
    Willingness to commit to an ongoing relationship Am I comfortable enough to establish a continuous connection with this site (e.g., recurring charge, linking with other accounts)?
    Trust with sensitive/financial information Do I trust this site to securely use and store my sensitive data (e.g. credit card, street address)? Is it worth the risk?
    Trust with personal information Is this site’s offering valuable enough to justify the time and effort to register? Do I trust the site with my personal information? Do I want emails from this company?
    Interest and preference over other options Do I choose to use this site for this task? Is it better than other options?
    Baseline relevance and trust that needs can be met Could this site help me accomplish my goal? Is it credible and can I depend on this information? Does it seem to have my best interests at heart?

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