William Kuhns

Societies dominated by print media regard only printed knowledge as essentially valid. Textbook publishers exert a huge influence on education at all levels while schools and universities refuse to accept knowledge in other than printed forms. The monopoly of knowledge protects its own with wary vigilance.

2 thoughts on “William Kuhns

  1. shinichi Post author

    The Post-industrial Prophets: Interpretations of Technology

    by William Kuhns


    The Routes of Minerva’s Owl

    page 155

  2. shinichi Post author


    なんと、「知識の独占」は wary vigilance で自分自身をまもる。

    wary は、用心深い、慎重な。vigilance は警戒、用心。with wary vigilance は、、もうとにかく、ものすごく慎重に用心してという感じだ。





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