Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX)

Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX) helps communities leverage Earth and space science to build a better future for themselves and the planet. TEX does this by bringing together Earth and space scientists and community leaders and helping them combine science and local knowledge to solve on‐the‐ground challenges related to natural hazards, natural resources, and climate change. By 2019, Thriving Earth Exchange will launch 100 partnerships, engage over 100 members, catalyze 100 shareable solutions, and improve the lives of 10 million people. Through the Thriving Earth Exchange, local leaders and Earth and space scientists will create resilient communities that enrich the Earth. Working together, we will create solutions for the planet, one community at a time.

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    Atlanta, Georgia
    Developing an Atmospheric Monitoring and Research Station

    Berlin, Maryland
    Restoring a Local Pond for Recreational Use

    Boise, Idaho
    Selecting Materials for Geothermal Systems

    Boston, Massachusetts
    Assessing Flood Risk of Food Distribution Centers

    Boulder, Colorado
    Deepening a City-Wide Commitment

    Brookline, Massachusetts
    Building Community Resilience to Extreme Heat

    Chelsea, Massachusetts
    Synthesizing Climate Vulnerability Assessments

    Encouraging Air Quality Data Collection and Education

    Denver, Colorado
    Assessing Unhealthy Air in Homes

    Ethiopia, Horn of Africa
    Modeling Water Availability and Use

    Eugene, Oregon
    Setting Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Targets

    Opening Up the World’s Real-Time Air Quality Data

    Granite City, Illinois
    Improving Local Air Quality

    Hermosa Beach, California
    Exploring Renewable Energy Options

    Jackson, Wyoming
    Protecting a Crucial Stream

    Kennedale, Texas
    Evaluating Water Quality and Flood Risk

    Using Local Data to Improve Water Management

    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Assessing Drought Risk and Vulnerability

    Los Angeles, California
    Addressing Community Concerns About Fracking and Earthquakes

    Midway, Georgia
    Designing a Weather-Ready City Hall

    Northern Great Plains
    Supporting Traditional Tribal Agriculture

    Oakland, California
    Designing Resilient Storm Water Management

    Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan and Tajikistan
    Adapting Ecological Calendars to a Changing Climate

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Creating a Carbon Inventory and Dashboard

    Sri Lanka
    Determining Environmental Influences on Kidney Disease

    Washington, DC
    Planning Heat Resilient Urban Design


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