Sandra Page

Clear Learning Goals mean:

  • What should students KNOW: Facts; Dates; Definitions; Rules; People; Places; Vocabulary; Information.
  • Students will be able to DO: Basic skills; Communication; Planning/Organization; Thinking skills; Evaluation; Working collaboratively; Skills of the discipline: mapping, graphing, collecting data, show p.o.v.
  • Students will UNDERSTAND that: Essential questions; Theories; “Big” ideas; Important generalizations; Thesis-like statements.

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  1. shinichi Post author

    Know, Understand, Do
    Principles into Practice

    by Sandra Page


    Understandings vs. Knowledge

    Essential Understandings
    • Open; arguable
    • Thought-provoking
    • Higher order
    • Require support
    • Recur, possibly in other subject areas

    • One right answer
    • Factual
    • Definition
    • Prompt recall or the noticing “the” answer
    • Meant to efficiently answered


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