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    How the Nobel Prize has favoured white western men for more than 100 years

    As the Nobel laureates for peace, literature, economics, medicine, physics and chemistry are named for 2014, The Telegraph investigates the history of the awards’ gender and geographical bias


    Just five per cent of almost 900 Nobel Prizes distributed to the most brilliant minds in peace, literature, science and economics over the past century have been awarded to women.

    Of 867 prestigious awards distributed since 1901, just 46 have been awarded to women, starting with Marie Curie who won the prize for physics alongside her husband Pierre in 1903 and again for chemistry in 1911.

    Since then, 15 women have also been awarded the Nobel prize for scientific pursuits – compared to more than 500 men. A dozen have received the award for literature, 14 for peace and one for economics.

    Geographical analysis by the Telegraph has also revealed that western countries have received a disproportionately high number of awards throughout the Nobel’s history.


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