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A conscious business promotes mindfulness for all of its stakeholders. Employees are encouraged to investigate the world with rigorous scientific reasoning, and to reflect on their role in it with equally rigorous moral reasoning. They are invited to contemplate their own selves, finding what it means to live with virtue, meaning, and happiness. They are also asked to think of their colleagues as human beings, rather than as “human resources.” Finally, they are required to understand their customers, offering them products and services that support their growth and well-being. A conscious business fosters peace and happiness in individuals, respect and solidarity in the community, and mission accomplishment in the organisation.
Most of us recognize that companies need employees with a high level of technical knowledge if they are to succeed in the information economy. I believe it is more important, and far less recognized, that companies also need employees with a high level of consciousness. Without conscious employees, companies cannot achieve greatness—let alone survive.

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    Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values

    by Fred Kofman, Ken Wilber

    Consciousness is the main source of organizational greatness. Conscious business, explains Fred Kofman, means finding your passion and expressing your essential values through your work. A conscious business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders. It produces sustainable, exceptional performance through the solidarity of its community and the dignity of each member.

    Conscious Business presents breakthrough techniques to help you achieve:

    • Unconditional responsibility—how to become the main character of your life
    • Unflinching integrity—how to succeed beyond success
    • Authentic communication—how to speak your truth, and elicit others’ truths
    • Impeccable commitments—how to coordinate actions with accountability
    • Right leadership—how being, rather than doing, is the ultimate source of excellence


    More and more business leaders are catching on to an often-overlooked fact: consciousness is our basic faculty for survival and success. Without it, we forget what’s important to us and lose sight of the steps we might take to reach those goals. Conscious business, explains Fred Kofman, means shining this awareness on every area of your work: in recognizing the needs of others and expressing your own; in seeing the hidden emotional obstacles that may be holding your team back; in making good decisions under pressure; and even in delving into such spiritual questions as “Who am I?” and “What is my real purpose here?”


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