Rob Warwick, Pete Burden

People say that ‘business isn’t working’. They point to ‘fat cats’ getting richer, environmental damage, lethal working conditions for many people who bring us much of what we buy in the shops, and to rates of ‘progress’ that seems unsustainable.
However, turning that around, we can also see that business has been a force for good in the world. Directly or indirectly it has led to many of the advances that we rely on in health care, food, housing, education, the internet, computing and so on.
It is our view that business can be more of a force for good. But for this to happen we need to develop and sustain a consciousness by which we hold ourselves and others to account – in our day-to-day work.
Conscious business has the potential to help us think differently about business; thinking with action as opposed to thinking before action, paying attention to the logic of business as well as emotion, feeling and instinct and intuition.

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