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  1. shinichi Post author

    Will the Future Be Human?

    Yuval Noah Harari


    What can we learn from a history of the future? Historian Yuval Harari takes us on a journey through technological development and challenges leaders to develop a substantive vision of what it means for society, politics, religion and ideology.

  2. shinichi Post author

    Yuval Noah Harari
    Professor, Department of History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    World Economic Forum


    Author of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” and “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”, published in 40 languages. Has written for the Guardian, the Financial Times, Nature magazine and the Wall Street Journal. International speaker. Has a PhD from the University of Oxford and lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Current research focuses on macro-historical questions: What is the relationship between history and biology? What is the essential difference between Homo sapiens and other animals? Is there justice in history? Does history have a direction? Did people become happier as history unfolded? Recipient of honours and awards, including: two-time winner, Polonsky Prize for Creativity and Originality (2009 and 2012); Moncado Award for outstanding articles on military history, Society for Military History (2011); Handelsblatt’s German Economic Book Award for the most thoughtful and influential economic book of the year, Homo Deus (2017).


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