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Total estimated transfer value, million € (01/06/2018)
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  1. shinichi Post author

    World Cup squads: France heads the transfer value table

    CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post

    The last Weekly Post before the summer break ranks teams participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup according to the transfer value of squad members, estimated from the CIES Football Observatory algorithm. At the top three positions of the table are France (€1.41 billion), England (€1.39 billion) and Brazil (€1.27 billion).

    The valuations refer to the fair price that the most likely buyer clubs should pay to sign the players. The sporting performance of both the footballers themselves and their clubs of belonging are included in the algorithm. In addition, other variables such as age and contract duration are taken into account, as detailed in the following research note.

    The estimated transfer value for all players participating in the World Cup is €12.6 billion. At the bottom of the table are three non-European countries with almost no players employed by clubs in the most competitive leagues: Panama, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The World Cup will probably allow some of them being spotted by teams in the richest football countries.

  2. shinichi Post author


      ベルギー    835 M€
      デ・ブルイネ  167 M€
      日本       61 M€
      酒井宏樹     7 M€




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