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Mineral oil is the most basic variety of engine oils and is most commonly used for a large majority of everyday vehicles. Mineral oils are refined petroleum oils which undergo treatment to perform across a wide temperature range.
Semi-synthetic oil, also known as synthetic blend oil has a small amount of synthetic engine oil blended in with mineral oil to boost its properties without escalating the cost by much. The addition of synthetic oil enhances its viscosity and wear resistance at higher temperatures and stress.
Synthetic oils are essentially mineral oils only; however, they go through an extensive treatment in the lab to make them significantly superior to their mineral counterparts. As a part of the process, the mineral oil is broken down into its most basic molecules, which helps remove any undesired substances and impurities to a very high degree. The molecules of synthetic oil are also very consistent in their size and shape, offering superior lubrication.
As a rule of thumb, everyday, average performance motorcycles don’t require you to spend extra for semi-synthetic or synthetic oil. A good quality mineral oil which complies with the grade recommended by the manufacturer should work well enough.

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