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    To help secure organizations by providing visibility into what they have exposed on the Internet.

    It’s no longer sufficient for organizations to only protect servers and devices on managed, corporate networks. In order to get a comprehensive view of their public-facing attack surface, organizations must adopt an Internet-wide perspective and gain visibility into both known and unknown infrastructure, including vulnerable, unpatched servers and devices.


    Founded by Security Researchers

    The foundational technology behind Censys was designed by researchers at the University of Michigan. This team also created the ZMap Scanner, which helped popularize Internet-wide scanning.

    Their original goal was to provide researchers with a way to measure if Internet security was actually improving. To accomplish this, they needed to track security vulnerabilities on every reachable server and device on the Internet, and collect as much data as possible about those hosts. The result was a searchable map of the Internet, which became a powerful tool for security researchers.

    This map also proved valuable to the broader information security community. Corporate security teams and consultants were also using it to identify business infrastructure and to prevent unnecessary exposure on the Internet.

    In 2017, the founding research team partnered with two seasoned product leaders to build a company with the mission of helping organizations secure themselves through visibility and real-time data.


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