Jay Liebowitz

If intelligence and stupidity naturally exist, and if AI is said to exist, then is there something that might be called “artificial stupidity?”

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  1. shinichi Post author

    If there is artificial intelligence? Is there such a thing as artificial stupidity

    Jay Liebowitz


    With AI applications being developed and used worldwide, an interesting question to ask is, “How smart are these AI systems?” Or another way of asking the question is, “How much ‘artificial stupidity’ do these systems possess?” This paper takes a look at the current limitations of the most practical application of AI — expert systems. This paper provides a general idea of how expert systems could be improved.

  2. shinichi Post author

    Artificial stupidity


    Artificial stupidity is a phrase most commonly used as a humorous retort to the notion of artificial intelligence (AI). It is a derogatory reference to the inability of an AI program to adequately perform basic tasks. The term has appeared in connection with other subject areas, mostly related to computing technology but also with respect to human behaviour.


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