Barbara Pease, Allan Pease

Since the 1970s, humans have experienced a deep spiritual yearning for love. This yearning is caused by the breakdown of the social structures that gave us intimate connections with friends, family, and lovers and was the norm for thousands of years. We evolved as a species that cared for our young; pro- tected, loved, and depended on each other, and stuck together as social and family units. The older generations cared for the children, while the middle generation worked or collected food. In the evenings,the older generations told children stories and taught them about their heritage and about life. This kind of family structure now exists only in primitive cultures, parts of the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, and Third World cultures. And as more and more people are staying single or living alone, this cultural chasm continues to widen. For a million years or more, societies have been structured to bring men and women together; today’s societies, however, are driving them apart. The erosion of the basic family structure has led to the loss of values, kids growing up without fathers, and emotional chaos.

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