4 thoughts on “DIS – Study abroad in Scandinavia

  1. shinichi Post author

    “Not too much, not too little.” That’s the definition of the Swedish word lagom. It is not just a word though; lagom is a life approach.


  2. shinichi Post author


    Not too little. Not too much.
    Just right.
    As Swedes, we seek to live in the moment
    accepting and appriciating what we have.
    We are content with moderation
    and practice self-restraint in becoming too extravagant
    and filling our lives with unnecessary things.
    Lagom is a mindset
    encompassing everything from valuing work-life balance
    to taking just the right amount of cake for fika
    to getting out of the urban busyness of the city
    into nature in our day-to-day lives.
    It’s a modest approach to life
    but in our eyes, leads to a high standard of living.


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