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    Real-time tracking of pathogen evolution

    Nextstrain is an open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data. We provide a continually-updated view of publicly available data alongside powerful analytic and visualization tools for use by the community. Our goal is to aid epidemiological understanding and improve outbreak response. If you have any questions, or simply want to say hi, please give us a shout at hello@nextstrain.org.

    Novel coronavirus

    We are incorporating SARS-CoV-2 genomes as soon as they are shared and providing analyses and situation reports. Please see below for the latest analyses and situation reports.


    Pathogen Phylogenies

    In the course of an infection and over an epidemic, pathogens naturally accumulate random mutations to their genomes. This is an inevitable consequence of error-prone genome replication. Since different genomes typically pick up different mutations, mutations can be used as a marker of transmission in which closely related genomes indicate closely related infections. By reconstructing a phylogeny we can learn about important epidemiological phenomena such as spatial spread, introduction timings and epidemic growth rate.

    Actionable Inferences

    However, if pathogen genome sequences are going to inform public health interventions, then analyses have to be rapidly conducted and results widely disseminated. Current scientific publishing practices hinder the rapid dissemination of epidemiologically relevant results. We thought an open online system that implements robust bioinformatic pipelines to synthesize data from across research groups has the best capacity to make epidemiologically actionable inferences.

    This Website

    This website aims to provide a real-time snapshot of evolving pathogen populations and to provide interactive data visualizations to virologists, epidemiologists, public health officials and citizen scientists. Through interactive data visualizations, we aim to allow exploration of continually up-to-date datasets, providing a novel surveillance tool to the scientific and public health communities.

    Future Directions

    Nextstrain is under active development and we have big plans for its future, including visualization, bioinformatics analysis and an increasing number and variety of datasets. If you have any questions or ideas, please give us a shout at hello@nextstrain.org.

    A bioinformatics and data viz toolkit

    Nextstrain provides an open-source toolkit enabling the bioinformatics and visualization you see on this site. Tweak our analyses and create your own using the same tools we do. We aim to empower the wider genomic epidemiology and public health communities.


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