One thought on “スカルショーン (Skärsjön)

  1. shinichi Post author

    Kolarbyn Eco-lodge
    Skärsjön, Fiskelevägen
    73030 Skinnskatteberg

    You spend the night at Kolarbyn Ecolodge, also called Sweden’s most primitive hotel. There will be no electricity, no showers, nothing fancy at all, just natural mysteriousness. And that is precisely why you are going to love this place.

    As you arrive at Kolarbyn, you will see lots of trees, more trees and even more trees. You are in the forest and everything is green. But if you look closer you will soon find that in between all trees are twelve well camouflaged liWle cabins. All covered in mud and grass. Bilberries and mushrooms grow wild on their roofs. As natural as it can be. An ecolodge in it’s true sense. Some guests have even called them mud-holes or hobbit houses. We simply call them forest huts.


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