Forest (Dave Matthews)

How would I explain a forest to
Someone who has never been in one
The trees and the wind thru them,
The birds and their songs and
Their acrobatic flight about the branches.
The smell of the last time and
The time before and the time before
That, that I was in the woods. The
Sound and the silence. The peace
And the crunch of the leaves and their branches
on the snow. The sound of a stream or
A woodpecker or a squirrel disappearing.
And the trees reaching up and up
And up to gather the sun and turn
Light to air. To jigsaw the moonlit winter
Sky. The trees like a fortress for the natural
World. What if I could not take my
Children for a walk in the woods.

2 thoughts on “Forest (Dave Matthews)

  1. shinichi Post author

    Planting a Million Trees with Dave Matthews

    One thing that our grandchildren need us to do is to care for the planet.

    Nothing matters as much as the climate crisis.

    We have one easy method that we know cools the planet.

    And that is to plant trees.

    And plant them wisely and in places that matter, and there are places that matter.

    Not only can we give the planet a chance to try and help us balance the situation, but we can also create environments where we become healthier.

    Jumping at the change to work with the people that know what they’re doing.

    Like you all at the Nature Conservancy.

    That changes – see, there’s an opportunity, it’s a door that opens and gives us access to a hopeful future.

    Planting a million trees is a small step, but a step nonetheless.

    Toward a cooler planet, toward cleaner air, toward more wild places where plants and animals can thrive.

    So that’s our goal.

    A million trees, a million more trees, a million more trees, little steps.

    A million more trees, please.

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