General Entertainment Authority (GEA)

الهيئة العامة للترفيه

The Saudi population spends $22 billion dollars in tourism and entertainment outside the country every year. The government aims to transform 25% of that spending into local travel and entertainment to create a solid Saudi tourism economy. The Saudi Vision 2030 plan aims to raise capital by harnessing the previously unaddressed entertainment sector, helping to “nurture entertainment in all its forms, while also seeking to safeguard our precious cultural heritage”.

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    General Entertainment Authority


    The General Entertainment Authority (GEA. الهيئة العامة للترفيه) is a government department in Saudi Arabia that regulates the entertainment industry of the country. Established in May 2016 through a royal decree by King Salman, it is responsible for the development, advancement and expansion of Saudi Arabia’s growing entertainment sector.


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