Women researchers (實川節子)

Women researchers are increasing in number but actually their ratio remains still low, especially in Japan (14.3%, as of 2012). Worldwide cosmetic company, L’Oreal, launched a program “For Women in Science” in 1998 in order to recognize women researchers contributing to overcome the global challenges of tomorrow, in collaboration with UNESCO, with a belief “The world needs science, Science needs women”. Since then, the Program encourages women talents through the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards, the L’OREAL-UNESCO International Fellowships, and the L’OREAL-UNESCO National Fellowships, and supported more than 2,000 women researchers from 115 countries. In Japan, Nihon L’OREAL K. K. deploys under this program National Fellowship in collaboration Japanese National Commission for UNESCO and has supported 32 young women researchers since its creation in 2005. The company also engages various enlightening activities for “Rikejo”, women students and researchers working in scientific fields.

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