saint_praxedisSaint Praxedis is an oil painting attributed to Johannes Vermeer. This attribution has often been questioned.
The Barbara Piasecka Johnson Collection Foundation bought it from Spencer in 1987. The leading Vermeer scholar Arthur Wheelock subsequently argued the case for the attribution to Vermeer in an article devoted to it in 1986.
It was sold at Christie’s in London on 8 July 2014 on behalf of the Barbara Piasecka Johnson Collection Foundation. It sold to an unknown buyer for £6,242,500 (US$10,687,160), at the lower end of the estimated price range of £6-£8 million. Some art market commentators speculated that doubt about the attribution to Vermeer may have contributed to the relatively low price. From March 2015 it has been on display in the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, labelled as “attributed to Johannes Vermeer”. This appears to be a long-term loan to the museum from a private collector.


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  1. shinichi says:

    フェルメールの油彩画に11億円 ロンドンで競売







  2. shinichi says:




    ヨハネス・フェルメールに帰属《聖プラクセディス》1655年、油彩/カンヴァス、101.6×82 cm(寄託作品、DEP. 2014-0001)

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