Deepak Chopra, Mike Palecek

Despite making money in the first quarter of 2015 and despite posting an overall pre-tax profit of $194 million in 2014, Canada Post is still forging ahead with plans to install community mailboxes in communities across the country, effectively bringing an end to door-to-door mail delivery.
ChopraDeepak Chopra (president and CEO of Canada Post):
What we are trying to do is avoid becoming a burden on taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars if we don’t act responsibly now.
We don’t want to wait until the problem has become so severe that the initiatives we will be forced to take would be even more difficult.
Our plan is well thought out and we would like to continue to focus on our priorities.
PalecekMike Palecek (national representative of Canadian Union of Postal Workers):
This corporation belongs to Canadians. And there’s been a rising tide of opposition to what you’re doing.
When are you going to listen to the owners of Canada Post and scrap this ridiculous plan?

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